Large People Hand Puppets


12 large human puppets 

who each have the ability

 to change costumes 

and wigs 

in order to impersonate 


famous people

Full-Size People Puppets


6 full-size human puppets 

who represent 

Andy Cohen


5 Housewives of Hogeye 

(Hogeye being a former small Texas town)

Light-Weight Animal Hand Puppets


12 light-weight 

animal and bird puppets, 

perfect for 

young people to 

speak through

and enjoy

This is the Laurence Welk Radio Show!! Laurence (or Larry, as he was called in his radio days) start

The Laurence Welk Radio Show

A Puppet-based Variety Show

Starting with "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" by the Merry Macs, and machine-generated bubbles, this Puppet Show has guest stars that are both Puppet and Human. Great for a Variety Show, showcasing the talents of people of every age and ability.