Our Mission Statement

The mission of M.A.D. Artist Society is to Make A Difference in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Community Centers using original Music, Art and Drama.

What We Do

1) We write our own MUSIC and perform it in our Traveling Puppet Shows and in our Theatre Performances.

2) We use our ART skill to make backdrops and scenery for our Shows and Performances. We have Art Classes where we make great art using inexpensive and found objects.

3) We write DRAMA for our Traveling Puppet Shows as well as for our Theatre Performances.

What's Up?

M.A.D. Artist Society is in a state of hiatus, searching for our next home. To cut to the chase, this is what we are looking for:  An organization that is interested in providing space for an opportunity for kids, teenagers, and/or adults, to compose music, create backdrops, and write and perform plays. 

In the past we had a theatre and our productions utillized both people AND puppets. However...we have hopes of also taking our puppet shows on the road to nursing homes, retirement communities, veteran organizations, and maybe even schools.

So. We need 1) a place to practice and 2) a place to perform. These places are not needed permanently and can be used for other things. They can also be the same space.

Next. 3) We need a room for storage. Not a small closet, but not a spare auditorium. Just an average size room.

Here's what we have to store: Large hand puppets--animal and human--and people-sized puppets; A costume cabinet (for the puppet costumes); Puppet show scenery; Wigs; A dresser size cart and two chests for displaying and transporting puppets; A large spotlight; Two large metal rolling shelves (to hold stuff); Adjustable stools; Puppet show stage contraptions with lights and curtains; Two portable sound systems; A super-close digital projector; Cordless headsets.

And 4) A space with tables for making crafts and a space to store the crafts-in-work.

O.K. That's about the sum total. Written down, it sounds like a lot. That's because M.A.D. Artist Society is on a mission to change the world, with music, art and drama, one small corner at a time. Thanks for listening.